ESGI now available in the Clever Library!

Teachers in districts that use Clever can now start a 60-day free trial through the Clever Library with the convenience of a one-time student roster import. The Clever Library is a place for teachers to discover, try and adopt new resources for their classrooms. The resources in the Library can be added to individual Teacher […]

Early Numeracy and Sensory Motor Skills Now Available!

ESGI is excited to announce that we have partnered with Friend of ESGI, Shannon Samulski-McCartney of Strategic Intervention Solutions. Shannon has added early numeracy and sensory motor skills assessments to ESGI all free to you with your account. These custom tests provide you with a quick & easy way to test and report your students’ […]

7 Simple Flashcard Games Your Kids Will Love

Flashcards are a great resource to play to get your kids engaged and learning. The best thing about them is the unlimited ways you can use them! Below is a list of 7 flashcard activities. If you have an activity not on this list, please let us know. We’d love to hear how you use the ESGI flashcards.

Mississippi Kindergarten Standard (MCCRS) Now Available!

ESGI has partnered with Friends of ESGI, veteran Mississippi Kindergarten teachers, Jamie Branning and Jodi Yelverton to add math and ELA assessments that align with every Mississippi Kindergarten Standard (MCCRS).

GKIDS 2.0 Now Available At No Extra Cost!

ESGI has partnered with veteran Georgia Kindergarten teacher, Jayne Gammons to add GKIDS 2.0 aligned assessments. These custom tests provide you with a quick & easy way to test and report your students’ data as required by the Georgia State Board of Education.

We’re All Cheering at ESGI

ESGI is excited to share that are now part of Riverside Insights, a leading provider of educational and clinical assessments that play a key role in helping individuals elevate their learning potential.

Easy Progress Monitoring with ESGI’s Social and Emotional Assessments

Wondering where to start with Social and Emotional Progress Monitoring? ESGI is proud to announce our new series of 24 SEL tests by national presenter and author Donna Whyte.

Play to Win with ESGI and Friends!

Participate in the Back to School campaign with ESGI and Friends and you can save $40 off ESGI and have a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card!

Managing Math Stations

Getting started with math stations doesn’t have to be hard! Marcy Bernethy will walk you through the steps on how to set up your math block for success and help you create a vision for what your stations should look like.

Celebrate Spring with Science, Stories, & STEM!

Join us for this fun webinar that celebrates spring! Kim Adsit will share some of her favorite ways to engage kids through children’s literature…all with a spring theme! See how easily she incorporates easy science and STEM activities that not only teach the scientific process, but also sprinkles in comprehension and retelling!


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