Our Mission

Streamline classroom processes to help teachers overcome the unique challenges of early childhood education.

Our Story

Greg Gorman, a Southern California kindergarten teacher, created ESGI in 2002. He knew first hand that the traditional, paper-based assessment process was painfully inadequate in providing the real-time student performance data needed to effectively drive instruction. Subsequently, he created this web-based reporting and assessment system.

Today, teachers everywhere are celebrating ESGI. The entire ESGI team wants to thank you for your interest, and are here to provide assistance to ensure your own success with this early childhood solution!

ESGI, which stands for Educational Software for Guiding Instruction, is a simple one-on-one assessment solution for Pre-K through 2nd grade, ESL, SEL, and SpEd. This online solution saves teachers over 400 hours a year assessing letters, sounds, sight words, and math concepts with only two clicks. Teachers can guide instruction with real-time feedback in easy-to-read reports and graphs to empower every teacher.