Make Student Assessment a Breeze with ESGI’s Assignment Center

Tired of juggling individual test assignments and looking for a more organized, efficient way to meet your students’ diverse needs? Look no further – ESGI’s Assignment Center is here to transform your classroom management experience! 

How can the Assignment Center benefit your teaching experience?  

ESGI’s Assignment Center is the centralized location to set up self-assess tests for your entire class in just a few clicks. The Assignment Center allows you to: 

  • Assign multiple tests to your whole class in minutes 
  • Plan your week ahead of time and schedule tests in advance 
  • Group and assess multiple students at once, then enjoy individualized data 
  • Tailor tests to meet your students’ unique needs with dedicated URLs on their own device 
  • Choose from over 100 self-assess Math and ELA tests 

How do you get started with the Assignment Center?  

Getting started is a breeze! From the Home page, simply click on the “Assignments” button in the upper right corner of the menu. From there you will:  

  1. Name your assignment 
  1. Add your tests 
  1. Select students to add 

When you’re ready to send the assignment to your students, you’ll simply choose “post to students.” 

What does the student view look like?  

Once the student has been directed to their Assignment page, they will see: 

  • Student name 
  • Number of assignments active (in list form) 
  • Number of completed assignments 

From the Assignment Page, students can then click on an Assignment and be taken to the Student Test Page, where they can begin their first test! 

Easy assignment, automatic data collection, effortless reporting. 

So, your students have taken their assignments. Now it’s time to turn that data into action. As a teacher you will have access to reports like Class Totals, Grading Scales, Test History Line Graphs, Student Progress Reports, and more! You can also create automatic parent letters and flash cards in one click based on your students’ results.  

So, what’s holding you back? Give ESGI a try. 

ESGI’s Assignment Center streamlines the assessment process, offering a seamless experience for both teachers and students. Try ESGI’s Assignment Center today with a 60-day free trial.  

Are you a current ESGI teacher looking to get started with the Assignment Center? Check out our walkthrough here.