Ditch Your Data Binders with ESGI’s Specialist Accounts and New IEP Report 

Calling all Special Education Teachers, Interventionists, Therapists, and anyone who manages a caseload. Have you dreamt about the day you no longer have to create and print data sheets? Are you ready to ditch your data binder?  

Say goodbye to data binders and hello to a brighter, more efficient future of Special Education.

With the new IEP Report and improved Specialist Account, you can create groups, track data, and digitally manage reporting without printing a single data sheet.  

What can you do with ESGI’s new IEP reports?

Creating an IEP Report within ESGI is as easy as:  

  • Selecting any assessment as your IEP goal 
  • Selecting your IEP date 
  • Writing your goal 
  • Setting a status 
  • Adding your benchmarks, objectives, and narratives 

And that’s it! Your data is saved and tracked for your students for easy progress monitoring and sharing.  

What’s so special about Specialist Accounts?  

ESGI’s Specialist Accounts have been designed specifically for Special Education Teachers, Interventionists, School Specialists, Therapists, and anyone else who manages a caseload. 

As a specialist, you get increased student numbers and the ability to assign any test to your students. You are easily able to share students with other specialists, admins, and homeroom teachers.  

With Specialist Accounts, you can:

  • Simplify goal tracking and reporting with new IEP Report for effortless data monitoring and sharing 
  • Share students and data with other specialists, admin, homeroom teachers or send home 
  • Streamline solutions for expanding caseloads by utilizing all of ESGI’s standard features plus increased student numbers and the ability to assign any test to an IEP goal 

With the real-time data collected, you can quickly create differentiated instruction, support, and assessments based on intervention level needed. ESGI provides you with effortless data monitoring and sharing to help you measure proficiency and identify needs. 

What’s so special about ESGI?  

ESGI was created for educators, by educators. We were teachers. We were principals. We were special education teachers. We know the pain of falling behind on caseloads after spending hours and hours on paperwork. We are passionate about taking away the manual reporting process to give you the time back to help your students thrive.  

So, what are you waiting for?  

With ESGI, tracking IEP goals has never been easier, and truly individualized instruction is within reach. So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote for your Specialist Account today.