Shake Off Manual Assessments

Join Rochelle & Adam in this webinar as they walk you through how to use ESGI and prepare for your best Back to School era yet! At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

Student Connection Era | Get to Know Your New Students
Data-Driven Small Group Era | Ready For It: Small Groups
Swift Progress Monitoring Era | Shake Off Manual Assessments with these Time-Saving Tips
Family Connection Era | Positive Parent Communication Vibes

About Adam Peterson
Adam is an award-winning educator from Illinois, best-selling author, and an internationally recognized speaker. After spending more than a decade as a kindergarten teacher, Adam now uses his knowledge and talents to inspire, educate, and motivate other teachers to create classrooms that encourage creativity, play, and hands-on learning.

About Rochelle Pokorny
Rochelle is the Product Marketing Manager and has been with ESGI since 2006. Previously, she was a teacher for 11 years and a principal for 7. Rochelle provides product training and professional development for districts across the country. She lives in Southern California and loves spending time on the beach with her family.