Early Numeracy and Sensory Motor Skills Now Available!

ESGI is excited to announce that we have partnered with Friend of ESGI, Shannon Samulski-McCartney of Strategic Intervention Solutions. Shannon has added early numeracy and sensory motor skills assessments to ESGI all free to you with your account. These custom tests provide you with a quick & easy way to test and report your students’ data.

ESGI has over 2,000 preloaded assessments to choose from created by top teacher-presenters and elementary education luminaries. Many of these tests correspond with your state standards and district sight word lists.


STEP 1. Log in and click on the “Test Explorer” tab.

STEP 2. Click on Shannon Samulski-McCartney

Full list of Shannon Samulski-McCartney’s ESGI Pre-Loaded Assessments

Behavior – Disorganization
Behavior – Distractibility
Behavior – Impulsiveness
Behavior – Movement
1st Grade – Visual-Motor Integration Task
1st Grade – Cutting
1st Grade – Eye Hand Coordination
1st Grade – Hand Strength
1st Grade – Pencil Grip
K – Visual-Motor Integration Task
K – Cutting
K – Eye Hand Coordination
K – Hand Strength
K – Pencil Grip
PreK – Visual-Motor Integration Task
PreK – Cutting
PreK – Eye Hand Coordination
PreK – Hand Strength
PreK – Pencil Grip
K-2 – Bilateral Motor
K-2 – Catching While on a Balance Board
K-2 – Moving (Dynamic) Balance
K-2 – Static (Stationary) Balance
K-2 – Targeting While on a Balance Board
PreK – Bilateral Motor
PreK – Catching While on a Balance Board
PreK – Moving (Dynamic) Balance
PreK – Static (Stationary) Balance
PreK – Targeting While on a Balance Board
Kinesthetic Numeracy Screener
Understand Combinations
Understand Missing Parts

Understand Number Quantity – Conservation to 10
Understand Number Quantity – Conservation to 5
Understand Number Quantity – Scatter
Unit 1 Summative Assessment ( K.CC.2, K.CC.3, K.CC.4)
Unit 2 Summative Part A Individual (K.CC.6 &K.CC.7)
Unit 2 Summative Part A Single Score (K.CC.6 & K.CC.7)
Unit 2 Summative Part B Single Score (K.MD.3)
Unit 2 Summative Part B Individual (K.MD.3)
Unit 3 Summative Part A Single Score (K.OA.1, K.OA.2 & K.OA.3)
Unit 3 Summative Part B Fluency-Add Single Score (K.OA.5)
Unit 4 Summative Part A Single Score (K.OA.1, K.OA.2 & K.OA.4)
Unit 4 Summative Part B Fluency-Subtract Single Score (K.OA.5)
Unit 5 Summative Individual (K.NBT.1)
Unit 5 Summative Single Score (K.NBT.1)
Unit 6 Summative Part A Individual (K.MD.1 & K.MD.2)
Unit 6 Summative Part B Individual (K.G.1)
Unit 6 Summative Single Score (K.MD.1 & K.MD.2)
Unit 7 Summative 2D & 3D Shape ID Individual (K.G.3)
Number ID 0 to 10
Number ID 11 to 20
Count from 1 to 25
Count from 1 to 50
Count from 1 to 75
Count from 1 to 100
Skip Count by 10s to 100
Count-On from 3 to 13
Count-On from 18 to 28
Count-On from 45 to 55
Count-On from 67 to 77
Writing Numbers 0 to 10
Writing Numbers 11 to 20
Understanding Number Quantity Screener-Conservation to 20

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Meet Strategic Intervention Solutions Author and Friend of ESGI

Shannon is the founder of Strategic Intervention Solutions and an international educational consultant & author. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience and is well known for her practical information and enthusiastic style. Shannon works with hundreds of teachers each year within her M³: Molding Math Mindsets professional development & Coaching Series, which embeds numeracy concepts within 21st century teaching and reasoning in mathematics. She is the creator of the My Counting Buddy math manipulative, Deck o’ Dots and the author of several other classroom resources, including her new Math Mights: 3 Ways Plus the Traditional Strategy Series.