Mississippi Kindergarten Standard (MCCRS) Now Available!

Are you a Mississippi kindergarten teacher? If so, we have some awesome news for you! ESGI has partnered with Friends of ESGI, veteran Mississippi Kindergarten teachers, Jamie Branning and Jodi Yelverton of the Kinder Glitter Girls to add math and ELA assessments that align with every Mississippi Kindergarten Standard (MCCRS).

Save 400 Hours with one-on-One Assessments
  • Inform instruction with real-time student data
  • Access thousands of customizable assessments
  • Create customized Parent Letters and Flashcards

Click here to view a list of ESGI’s MCCRS/K Assessments for your class!

How to Access ESGI’s MCCRS/K Assessments

Step 1: Log in and click on the “Test Explorer” tab.

Step 2: Click on “Kinder Glitter Girls-MCCRS/K” under the “Friends of ESGI” column.

Jamie Branning and Jodi Yelverton

MEET the Authors

Jamie Branning and Jodi Yelverton have been teaching kindergarten in a Northern Mississippi school district for 20 years. Jamie was chosen as her district ‘s Teacher of the Year in 2015, and Jodi is a National Board Certified Teacher.

They created this series of assessments for kindergarten teachers across the state of Mississippi to better serve other kindergarten teachers by providing much-needed assessments that align with the MCCRS Standards. Learn more about them here.