Are You An ESGI All-Star Teacher?

We love our loyal ESGI teachers who keep subscribing year after year, because they enjoy saving 400 hours a year with ESGI software. So many of you leave sweet comments on our social media accounts, tag us in posts, and come up to us at events to tell us how much you love using ESGI Software. 

That’s why we wanted to create something for you to show your ESGI pride!

As an ESGI All-Star Teacher you can enjoy:

  1. Participating in monthly contests to win prizes 
  2. Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group 
  3. Learning better ways to use ESGI

Becoming an ESGI All-Star Teacher is as easy as:

  1. Being an active ESGI Subscriber 
  2. Following the ESGI Blog
  3. Requesting membership to the ESGI Private FB User Group 

Want to win an ESGI All-Star Teacher shirt or even better, save on your annual ESGI subscription?

Look below to see how you can take your ESGI All-Star Teacher status to the next level AND win a cool shirt.

This shirt can be yours if you: 
  • Are a monthly Winner in ESGI All-Star Teacher   Facebook Group
  • Win at a Conference
  • Join our Champions Circle
The Champions Circle empowers an existing ESGI subscriber to present the benefits of ESGI for the chance to get a volume discount or funding from their school. CLICK HERE for more details.