New 1st and 2nd Grade Assessments

Are you a 1st or 2nd grade teacher wondering if ESGI can save you time and manage your assessments? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Here’s why ESGI is the the most effective assessment software to use with your class for –
  • individual,
  • small group, and
  • whole class instruction!

ESGI has over 1,000 preloaded assessments to choose from created by top teacher-presenters and elementary education luminaries.  Many of these tests correspond with your state standards and district sight word lists.

Click the links below to find out which of these ESGI preloaded tests are perfect for your class!

1st Grade Assessments preloaded by ESGI
2nd Grade CCSS Assessments by Trisha Peterson
2nd Grade Assessments preloaded by ESGI
Reading Intervention Assessments for 2nd – 8th Grade by Kathy Crane
PK-3rd Dolch Sight Words by Mary Amoson
1st and 2nd Grade High Frequency Sight Words by Heidi Butkus
Guiding Math (First Grade) and Guiding Readers by Deedee Wills
Reading Aptitude Continuum by Donna Whyte

You also have the option to EDIT these preloaded tests, OR quickly CREATE your own!

For more information, visit our help page “Creating a Test” or watch a short video that explains how easy it is to make your own tests.

How can I use ESGI to support my small-group guided reading and math instruction?

ESGI’s automated tracking and reporting system makes it easy to use real-time data for individualizing lessons and create small groups. The bar graphs analysis is clickable so you can quickly see which students answered incorrectly, correctly or have not been tested. The class totals report ranks students according to scores so that you can identify students who need support in an area.
Teacher Jessica Travis (Jessica Travis Teaching) says, “Not only does ESGI save me time by collecting data for my students in both literacy AND math, but I can view each individual student’s results as well as the overall data for my class as a whole! This helps me when planning lessons, re-teaching opportunities, and small group lessons!”

If my students were tested with ESGI in Kindergarten, how can I see that data?

If your school has been using ESGI or has pre-assessed incoming students with ESGI, you can find previously assessed students in the Student Explorer. For more information, visit our help page “Student Explorer” where you’ll find a short video explaining the process.

School Success Story

The first-grade team at Alexander ll Math & Science Magnet School in Macon, Georgia has been using ESGI this year to track data and differentiate instruction. As a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, they know the importance of data-driven instruction. First-grade and Kindergarten students at the school use the reports for student-led conferences. Instructional coach Karen Dean encouraged her principal to buy ESGI for the first-grade team after watching Kindergarten teachers across the district use ESGI. Here’s what they have to say!

“Using the Reading Aptitude Continuum [tests] helps me diagnose what my students need. ESGI has simplified my assessments tremendously! It is well worth the investment.” Heidi Hintermaier

“I like ESGI because it allows me to articulate clearly to parents what their children know and what they need to work on.” Priscilla Stanley

“I love ESGI because there is no paper to keep track of!” Laura Mathis


 Trisha Peterson

MEET Trisha

Trisha Peterson is a 2nd Grade teacher in Illinois. Her classroom is a fun, engaging space full of activities to challenge her young learners! Trisha uses ESGI to assess and differentiate her students in order to work more closely on their individual needs! Follow Trisha, and her husband Adam, on their blog Adam and Trisha Teach!

“2nd grade teachers – If you are looking for an easier way to assess your kids, check out ESGI!!”

-Trisha Peterson