Interactive Writing on Classroom Signs and Charts

Bring your classroom to life with Interactive/Shared Writing. Stop spending your time making classroom signs and charts or spending money buying them. Involve your students in their creation to make classroom rules and routines more meaningful and provide fun practice of important writing skills.

Join Matt to learn how to get your students to participate seamlessly in chart and sign creation, see examples from real classrooms, and have fun with this new twist on interactive and shared writing.

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 Matt Halpern


Back to the classroom… A new journey begins. After three years working as a Literacy Strategist, the classroom has drawn me back. Back in Kindergarten, where my heart takes me.

I live and work in beautiful Maine. There’s a reason it’s called Vacationland. As well as teaching kindergarten, I’ve written a book about some of my experiences in the classroom. I may be the teacher, but those kids sure teach me everyday. I also work as a presenter on various topics. Learn more about my classroom ideas on my website.