ESGI Now Has Reading Intervention Assessments!

Do you have struggling readers grades and don’t know where to start? Begin with ESGI and their new intervention assessments developed by Kathy Crane, M.Ed. Reading Curriculum and instruction.

These assessments have been carefully developed over the course of a year, based on the latest reading research, proofread by experts, field tested, and ready to go! Use real-time student data to drive strategic, targeted reading instruction.

Kathy Crane’s Reading Intervention Tests:

Blending and Segmenting INT
Phoneme Manipulation INT
CVC and CVCe Words INT
Blends INT
Digraphs INT
Vowel Digraphs INT
Trigraphs INT
Aa: Core Vowel Patterns INT
Ee: Core Vowel Patterns INT
Ii: Core Vowel Patterns INT
Oo: Core Vowel Patterns INT
Uu: Core Vowel Patterns INT
Inflectional Endings-Mixed INT
Inconsistent Spellings INT
Prefixes and Suffixes INT
Contractions INT
Closed Syllable Multisyllabic Words INT
Open Syllable Multisyllabic Words INT
Spelling Skills INT

Feel confident that you are meeting the needs of your below target students, and focusing your energy on skills that have the greatest effect on reading improvement.

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Kathy Crane, M. Ed Reading Curriculum and Instruction

MEET Kathy

Kathy has been teaching young children for nearly three decades. She believes that young children should be active participants in their own leaning and uses hands-on-games as the core of her thematically designed, child-centered classroom. After teaching kindergarten for 25 years, she is now a K-5 Reading Specialist.

She holds an M.Ed. in Reading Instruction and is the co-author of eleven teacher resource books published by Teacher Created Materials.