Small Group Math… Success for All!

Step into small group math with a plan! Deedee shares tips, tricks, strategies, and activities to ensure your small groups meet the needs of ALL of your students! Plus delve into organizing, forming, and managing your small groups.

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MEET Deedee

Deedee created Kindergarten CCSS Assessments to provide an easy and efficient way to track and report student progress, create small groups and develop effective intervention strategies using real-time item analyses. Deedee was in the Navy Reserves for 6 years. She went in the Reserves to pay for her education.

Deedee taught four years in second grade before she was asked to help launch their Balance Literacy adoption in her district. She served as a Literacy Coach for two years but missed having her own class. So when a kindergarten position opened up, Deedee begged and pleaded…Ta Da! She was back in the classroom.

Today Deedee continues to work with kindergarten teachers around the country as a national presenter and staff developer. She still feels that kindergarten is the best grade EVER! Deedee shares her classroom ideas on her website,