IL KIDS Aligned Assessments are Preloaded and Ready for Use in ESGI

ESGI has partnered with a veteran Illinois Kindergarten teacher, Adam Peterson, to add KIDS-aligned assessments. These custom tests provide you with a quick & easy way to observe, record and report your students’ data as required by the Illinois State Board of Education during the first 40 days of school.

KIDS Aligned Assessments are NOW PRELOADED in ESGI!

PLUS, with the new Grade Report feature, you can set up your KIDS assessments to match the grading scales as defined by the state. Don’t just take our word for it, you can try ESGI for 60 days and access the IL KIDS tests at no cost!

A Faster, Easier Way to Manage KIDS Assessments

Our KIDS aligned assessments have onscreen directions and images so you can breeze through your KIDS testing in no time! Plus, with ESGI you can continue to assess your students the two or three additional times during the school year as the Illinois State Board of Education has recommended in their KIDS FAQ document here.

See a list of the KIDS assessments and to learn more about the author, Adam Peterson.

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