What’s New with ESGI

This summer the ESGI team is hard at work preparing for the upcoming school year.   As we attend summer conferences we often get asked, “What’s new with ESGI?”   There are many exciting new features so we thought we would highlight a few.

New Reports

  • Student Detail Report
  • Student Progress Report
  • Grade Report

ESGI has added 3 new reports that provide even more detail for you.  The Student Detail Report is an all-in-one student report: Class Totals, the Grade Report, the Pie Chart, the Test History Line Graph, and answers from the Parent Letter.

The Student Progress Report is similar to a report card.  It lists all the test scores, percentages, or grades for each student.  You can run it for one Subject Tab or for all Subject Tabs.

The Grade Report provides you with a class view of your students showing grading periods, your customized grading scale and the assessments you choose.

New Assessment Features

  • Auto Test Creator
  • 1,000+ Assessments
  • Tests Filtered by Grade Level

Auto Test Creator allows you to quickly create basic sight word, number, letter or sound tests by simply copying and pasting a list of items onto a page.  You can also save and customize over 1,000 of our pre-loaded assessments.  And they are easy to find.  Just search by content, author, keyword — or now — by grade level.


New Training Opportunities

  • New Feature Walkthroughs
  • Self-paced Learning Module
  • YouTube Getting Started Playlist

Training opportunities have expanded too.  Overlays on the Homepage and Test Explorer will orientate new users.  And all users will benefit from our YouTube training playlists and the new Self-paced Learning Module.

New Conveniences

  • PayPal Payment Options
  • Single Sign-on with Clever
  • Live Chat with Customer Support


ESGI Support continues to add additional ways for you access ESGI and have questions answered.  You can pay monthly with Paypal and if your district has Clever, you can use single sign-on.  ESGI also offers Live Chat to all users from an icon on our website.

New Seasonal Printables

  • Name Plates, Name Tracing and many others
  • One Click Access to Personalized Printables
  • Free Access to CMT until Oct. 31, 2018

There are so many exciting new features coming to CMT this fall that it’s hard to list just 3.  New printables and new back-to-school resources are just a few.  All current ESGI users will have free access to CMT to October 31, 2018 or the end of their current ESGI subscription in 2019.