New Feature! Student Detail Report

You asked for it and we listened! ESGI is continuously striving to save teachers time, which is why we’re so excited to introduce a new feature. The Student Detail Report has been created using the feedback we received from our amazing teachers. The Student Detail Report incorporates and combines aspects of our other reports into one! It includes the scores from the Class Totals Report, the grades from the Grade Report, the Pie Chart, the Test History Line Graph, and the correct and incorrect answers from the Parent Letter.

The Student Details Report can easily be sent home to parents or used for an upcoming conference. We have made this report “printer friendly” as well. When printing for your entire class the reports will be condensed and in a “one-page per student” format.

The Student Details Report feature is now live. Check out the video below to see how it works. If you haven’t tried ESGI, click below to start your free trial. 

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