Teamwork Makes the Dream Work with Crystal Radke

Do you consider parents as part of your team? Having a good rapport with parents is essential for supporting a child’s education. 

Join Crystal as she explores various ways to increase parent communication, work with parents and join forces for the success of each student.

Crystal is the blogger behind Kreative in Kinder recently rebranded to Kreative in Life. She has over 12 years experience as a teacher, teacher’s aide, assistant Montessori teacher and substitute teacher. She LOVES living life through the eyes of a young child. She also loves working with teachers and helping them to reclaim their joy in the most rewarding profession. 

Meet Crystal
Crystal is a Texas-based wife/mom/blogger/consultant/”doer of all the things.” She has spent the past 7 years as a kindergarten teacher. With her recent blog rebrand, her focus changed a little. Before, her heart was to write about educating the whole child. Now, her heart is to write in ways to educate/love/lead the whole teacher.