Targeted Planning with Flexible Grouping

Since you’ve had a chance to tests students in ESGI before the holidays, you may want to group them together to run reports so you can cover the concepts your students didn’t grasp.

In this week’s Tuesday Tips, Rochelle shows you how ESGI can help with flexible grouping for all subject areas.

Groups are useful for flexibility in accumulating data within specific target groups in the classroom (such as reading groups). A great example of how to use groups is how Intervention Specialists like to make groups to run reports for the students with which they work. You can add students to groups from one of your classes, and run reports just on a group of students. By clicking on “all students” you can also run reports for the whole class. Check out this video where Rochelle shows you how to set up your groups.

From everyone here at ESGI we want to wish you a joyful new year! 

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