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You may call it by different names, but this time of year, you may be reflecting on what your kids know and don’t know, and how you are going to get them to the end-of-the-year goals.

ESGI can help you analyze where you are now and make a plan for how you are going to reach your learning goals for your class. The Item Analysis Report is a favorite among ESGI teachers. This report helps teachers determine, specifically, which items or concepts were mastered, and which should be revisited.

Using the bar graphs, you can easily see where the gaps are in your students’ learning.

This information can also be downloaded to Excel so that you can see the data in a different way, including what percentage of students know each skill.

Deedee Wills, presenter and early childhood teacher and consultant uses ESGI with her students. She says, “The Item Analysis Graph helps identify the gaps in the student’s individual knowledge compared to your district benchmark. Then you can project if they are going to hit the target, or if they need some sort of intervention or instruction.” She also uses the ESGI “groups” function to create targeted intervention groups. 

To find the students who may need intervention, click on the gray part of the bar to see which students answered incorrectly, as well as which students have not been tested. This will help you make small groups of students with common needs and help close the gaps in your class.

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