Grateful That Item Analysis Helps Guide Instruction

We surveyed over 3,000 kindergarten teachers and wanted to take the month of November to share a few of the reasons they are grateful for ESGI. So for the November Tuesday Tips, Rochelle will show you how to use the top features of ESGI for which kindergarten teachers are most grateful.

This week we’re sharing how grateful teachers are for our Item Analysis graph because it helps them to quickly see the concepts their students didn’t grasp as a collective.

We know it can be tough to determine whether or not your students are truly understanding a concept until you assess them. Then by the time you’ve assessed them all, you need to go through the results to see any changes need to be made to your lesson plan.

Having a tool to quickly show you whether or not the majority of the class needs to review a particular item will be instrumental in helping to guide your instruction.

The good news is, with one click of a button, you can create a graph that shows the items you assessed and the total number of students who answered correctly or incorrectly. At quick glance, you will be able to determine whether or not you need to revisit an item or change your lesson plan.  

Take a look at this video where Rochelle walks you through how easy it is to generate an Item Analysis graph.

If you’re an ESGI user, click here to visit our support page to learn more about how to use the Item Analysis graph. 

If you are not an ESGI user, click here to try ESGI free for 60 days. 

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