NEW Feature! Grade Report

You spoke and we listened.

We are excited to announce report card grades can automatically be calculated by subject area with the all-new Grade Report. Just set up your Grading Scales and run the Grade Report.* The scores are customizable to correspond with each district’s grading range and scoring system.

Here are some key features you’ll enjoy:

  • Grading Scales are customizable based on district or state assessments

  • Different scales can be assigned to different tests or tabs within an account as needed

  • Real-time recalculation within Grade Reports when changes are made

In the video below, Rochelle walks you through how easy it is to use the new Grading Scales feature of ESGI. 


*If you are unable to add your own grading scales for the Grade Report, that means your district administrator manages that part of your ESGI account. Please ask your district admin to add the Grading Scales for your school district. Feel free to share this blog post with your administrator and refer them to the video below which shows them how to add the grading scale. 

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Are you a district admin? 

Districts or school sites can now set up Grading Scales. The scores are customizable to correspond with your district’s grading range and scoring system. Now you can help teachers with report card grades by setting up Grading Scales for your purple Managed Subject Tabs. You can choose to push out a grade scale to all your teachers OR allow them to create their own. 

Click here to check out our support page to learn more about the Grade Report. Ready to set up grading scales for your district or school? The video below will guide you through the process: