The New CMT Has Arrived

We are excited to share our latest release of CMT with you, which includes many new time-saving features.  CMT is now a freestanding solution that can be combined with ESGI or used as a completely separate product.   

The great news is that if you are currently an ESGI subscriber or you purchase an ESGI subscription before December 31, 2017, then you will have free access to CMT throughout your ESGI subscription.  
Teachers not using ESGI can try CMT for free until December 31, 2017 and purchase it separately beginning in 2018.
Teachers can quickly create lists to track homework, check-off beginning of the year forms, and record scores, as well as capture pictures for personalizing CMT name cards, tags, and more.
CMT Templates provides a  gallery of ready-to-use Templates that can be printed or downloaded.  Once the class list is loaded, it only  takes a second to print a variety of personalized Templates for your students.

With one click, teachers:

  • Save time by automatically creating name cards, tags, and other materials
  • Organize all student information and photos
  • Customize your classroom with pre-loaded templates

Our goal is to make CMT a freestanding solution that can be combined with ESGI or used as a completely separate product. 

New to ESGI? Click here to try all of these features and more for free until December 31, 2017.

Current ESGI subscriber or trial user? Just log into ESGI and click the Class Management Tool button in the top right for your free access until the end of your ESGI trial or subscription.

Key Features

  • Easily manages student information and lists all in one place
  • Create customizable lists to track any type of student information including photos
  • Provides a gallery of customizable templates like Name Tracing and Avery Labels which can be used to create printables
  • Captures photos of students, student work and activity for documentation
  • Permits easy export to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF
  • Includes commonly used school fonts

Visit the CMT homepage to learn more about CMT. 

What’s New With ESGI Webinar

 Want to learn more about the benefits and new features of CMT? The webinar will review new features in both ESGI and CMT.  Join us for our webinar hosted by our very own, Rochelle Pokorny! 

The webinar is on August 23rd from 7:30 PM-8:30 PM EDT. Just click the button below to register.