FREE Webinar with Marsha McGuire: Yes, You CAN Differentiate Math Stations

If the thought of differentiating math stations leaves you panic stricken, this is the webinar for you. Not only can you easily differentiate your math stations, they will be your students’ favorite activity of the day. Gather ideas for engaging activities, organizational tips and techniques for addressing your students’ varied learning profiles, interests and levels of readiness.
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Marsha McGuire


Marsha has been teaching PK and Kindergarten in Michigan for the past ten years. She believes that all children have the right to feel successful and challenged, and has consistently reinforced this through differentiating instruction. She is also the author of the blog, Differentiated Kindergarten, where she shares her ideas for differentiating instruction utilizing hands-on, developmentally appropriate and engaging activities.

Marsha McGuire’s Assessments on ESGI

Marsha has 11 assessments on ESGI that correspond to her popular Ball Words Sight Word Mastery System. With the help of a sports theme, Marsha coaches the students in her class as they master the dolch word lists. To find out more, read this post on Marsha’s blog, Differentiated Kindergarten. She shows you how to find success with this fun system.

Here’s even more game-changing news. Marsha’s assessments—as well as all of the tests created by our Friends of ESGI—are available at no extra cost with your ESGI subscription. Ready to check them out?

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  • If you already use ESGI, go to the Test Explorer and look for Marsha’s assessments listed under the Friends of ESGI.