Two New Options on ESGI’s Parent Letter Report

ESGI users rave about our time-saving Parent Letter report…

“I printed student reports for parent-teacher conferences last week and the parents were so appreciative and so impressed!” —Amy

“I use the reports for fast resources at parent-teacher conference, SRT and IEP meetings as well.” —Emily

Great news! With the addition of two new options, the Parent Letter report just got even more informative and helpful!

undefinedFirst, users now have the option to include question notes in the letter. You might already know that as you are testing, you can add specific notes about the child’s responses and behaviors. For example, you might add a word substitution, letter reversal or speech concern. You can even note a child’s frustration level or fluency.

undefinedNow you can choose to share those notes with parents and other adults who see the report. Before printing the Parent Letter report, check the box to add Question Notes.

undefined The notes will now appear in your parent report.

For more detailed directions on adding notes to the Parent Letter report, click here to go to ESGI’s support center. You can also watch a short video tutorial.

undefinedThe second new feature on the Parent Letter report is that you now have the option to change fonts. You might already know that you can edit the text of the letter to match the data included on the report. To change the font, simply select the font you would like to use for the body of the letter.


The Parent Letter report will print with your font choice.

For more information about modifying the wording in a Parent Letter, click here to go to ESGI’s support center.

It’s easy to see why 75% of our subscribers use the Parent Letter report frequently. With these options, parent communication is quicker, easier, and more informative than ever before!