Would you like “Fry’s” (sight words) with that order of ESGI?

Did you know that every subscription to ESGI comes with 29 preloaded tests for assessing Fry’s sight word lists? If you teach Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, speech or English language learners, it’s likely that YOU need to assess students on these words!

What are Fry’s word lists and why are they important?
The Fry 1000 instant words are the most common words uses in reading and writing ranked in order of frequency.

  • 25 words make up approximately one-third of all written material.
  • 100 words make up approximately one-half of all written material.
  • 300 words make up approximately 65% of all written material.

Where do I find the Fry’s word lists tests on ESGI?
ESGI is proud to partner with Donna Whyte—an education consultant, expert reading teacher, presenter and author. Donna created a reading continuum assessment series in ESGI that allows teachers to quickly diagnose reading steps and determine a student’s skill level in reading. Within this series, Donna included 29 tests for Fry’s word lists.

If you are already an ESGI subscriber, simply go to the Test Explorer; then look for Donna Whyte in the Friends of ESGI test collection.

Next type “Fry’s” into the search bar.


Select the tests and place them in a test subject tab. Your order of “Fry’s” sight words tests are ready for you to use!

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