New Faces at ESGI

ESG​I​ is excited to announce the expansion of our core team! Jim Bowler, Jayne Gammons and Matthew Wasko have joined us as we continue to provide critically needed resources for early childhood teachers and intervention specialists around the world.

Jim Bowler has accepted the position of CEO for ESGI.  Jim is a great leader who embodies the culture and values of ESGI, especially on our mission to “Save the Teachers.”  Jim started his career as an educator, then was an administrator serving as a high school principal.   He continued his career path in the ed-tech space for over 20 years.  He is an accomplished business leader and former CEO of multiple leading  ed-tech companies such as Adaptive Curriculum, Epsilen, and Harcourt Connected Learning/Classroom Connect.  We are excited to have Jim’s leadership and experience as we continue to grow.

As the new Marketing Manager for ESGI, Jayne Gammons brings valued experience in both early childhood publishing and elementary education to our rapidly evolving marketing program.
Her initial focus will be working with the “Friends of ESGI” (custom content developers) as they continue to add their assessments to the program and make them available to all ESGI subscribers.

undefinedCurrently, Jayne is a first grade teacher in the Georgia public education system who has taught almost every elementary grade, as well as preschool.  Although she loved them all, Jayne freely admits that Kindergarten is her favorite!  Jayne also worked as the Senior Managing Editor for The Mailbox for five years where she successfully oversaw the contributions of numerous authors, artists and junior editors to create a world-class magazine.

Jayne also enjoys presenting to early childhood teachers around the country at SDE (Staff Development for Educators) conferences and events. She currently resides in Macon, GA with her husband and son.  She will continue to teach through the end of this school year​ ​while she works part-time for ESGI.  Jayne will transition to her full-time position as​ ​the new ESGI​ ​Marketing Manager in June.

Matt Wasko joins ESGI from Denver, Colorado and will be working on the Development Team​ ​as the new Product Manager.  His career started in the finance industry in New York and then Chicago, where he became Product Manager for trading software applications.  He most recently worked as Product Manager for a customer experience analytics company in Colorado.  

Matt lives with his wife, daughter and two dogs in Highlands Ranch, CO where they enjoy the great outdoors​.​  Matt is also a runner and triathlete, which is great news for the product development team as they race to the future with cool new features in ESGI!

“We are so excited to have this talented group of people join ESGI as we expand our team of dedicated educators and technologists,” said Greg Gorman, Founder of ESGI.  “We are seeing thousands of new teachers using ESGI every month, and Jim, Jayne and Matt will help us continue our high quality support and promote growth so that many more teachers can benefit.”