Kaitlynn & Friends Go to School

Do you remember what it was like to start school for the first time? How you couldn’t wait to get that new lunch pail, the new clothes…and CRAYONS!

Each year, thousands of kindergarten students experience the “first-ness” of school. It’s exciting to watch the wonder of learning…it’s why we teach.

To inspire us all, we want to hear it from their little mouths as they experience the newness of school. We want to see it through their eyes!

ESGI will be featuring 4, 5 and 6 year olds who are just starting their school experience in our new series “Kaitlynn and Friends Go to School.” We will be asking them questions about school, and anything else they want to tell us! Their answers will be spontaneous and un-coached. It’s sure to make you smile!

Now it’s time to meet our hostess, Kaitlynn.

“Hi, my name is KayKay and I’m getting ready to go to kindergarten.  I’m super excited to go to school!  I have my new uniform, my Minnie Mouse lunch box, and my new Hello Kitty backpack that my daddy helped pick out.  I will tell you more in my video.”

After all that expectation, here’s what KayKay had to say about her first day.