Featured Guest Blogger Program for ESGI

Do you have a great idea?  Or a great teaching practice? Share it with others through ESGI's GUEST BLOGGER PROGRAM

GOAL: Our goal is to provide useful information to EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS including various instructional best practices, creative classroom ideas and activities, and student success stories.   The original content created exclusively for ESGI by you, the featured guest bloggers, gives ESGI the opportunity to provide valuable information and resources to its website visitors and licensed users.  

PROCESS: Write up your great blog post and then submit it using the form at the bottom of this page.  Posts may be submitted as frequently as every week, once per month, or as often as you'd like.  Guest bloggers and blog posts will be highlighted in various areas on the ESGI website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other ESGI social media venues. The posts will include a photo, a short biography, and the “button” or link to the guest blogger’s individual blog site.

CONTENT: All content should be original and relevant to early childhood educators and intervention specialists.  The original content submitted by you to ESGI will be published exclusively by ESGI, and exclusive of any other blog sites.   The subject matter areas can include, but are not limited to:
  • Instructional ideas and best practices
  • Creative seasonal or holiday activities
  • Using data to inform instruction
  • Individualized instructional roadmaps for English Language Learners
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) or Special Education
  • Classroom management and organization
  • Early childhood assessment
WHAT TO SUBMIT: Blog articles should be between 350 and 500 words in length and cover general subject matter aligned with the author’s experience, background and area(s) of specialization.  Inclusion of images related to each article is desired. Please provide information that would be helpful to any early childhood educator prior to or after becoming an ESGI user.   ESGI blog followers should glean value from all articles, whether or not they utilize the ESGI solution within their own classrooms.  Opinion pieces are acceptable, but should be marked as such and will be categorized as such on the website.  Example Opinion Topic:  What the CCSS mean for kindergarten teachers over the next 12 months and why.

COMPENSATION: ESGI will pay $100.00 per original article that is published on the website, blog site and/or other ESGI social media venues.  The total amount will be paid out monthly based on the total number of articles selected for publication.  Example:  Guest blogger submits to ESGI 2 original articles within the month of March.  Both articles are selected for publication in April.  ESGI pays $100.00 x 2 articles = $200.00 payable to the Guest Blogger by the 15th day of May.     

RESOURCES: Please use the form on the following page to submit all materials required to get started, and to submit your subsequent blog posts on an ongoing basis.  If you have any questions, or would like more information about the guest blogger program, please send an email to esgi_marketing@esgisoftware.com or call me directly at (325) 660-3450. I look forward to your participation!

Melinda Cook

GETTING STARTED: In order to create your guest blogger profile, complete the form below to request more information and include the following as attachments (by clicking Choose File at the bottom): 
  • Photo – Please attach a picture in JPG or PNG format at least 300 x 300 pixels that is sharp, and not grainy.  The larger the better so as to allow for effective sizing for the profile image on the website and the blog posts.
  • Biography – Please attach a brief bio of about 100-125 words that describes your experience, area(s) of expertise and incl. any special certifications or expertise that you want to highlight.
  • Contact Information – Please provide all contact details you want ESGI to include in your author profile, which will be featured at the end of each blog post, and throughout our other social media venues as determined.  This can include the “button” or link to your own blog or website.

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