Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What Would You Do?

Imagine yourself curled up on the couch with that new book you've been itching to read or getting your running buddies together and taking a jog down your favorite path.  What if you actually had the time to go home early more often to enjoy a nice dinner with your family? Does that sound impossible? Well, it's not!

Teachers everywhere tell us how they save around 400 hours per year with ESGI's solutions.  So our question to you is: What would you do with 400 extra hours every year? Would you start a new sewing project, take an art class, learn to play the guitar, or spend more time with your family? What you decide to do with your extra time is up to you. Helping you gain that time is what we do!

Be sure to visit us at the I Teach K 2014 Conference in booth #117 in Las Vegas, NV on July 7th-10th to learn about all of the NEW ESGI features and resources, and our ongoing commitment to help teachers save time!

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