Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Class Management Tool - Free until 6-30-15!

We are excited to launch a new tool to help you save even more time! You may have noticed a new button at the top of your ESGI home screen called the Class Management Tool. Teachers have so much information to track during the year!

Class Management Tool (CMT) was created to help teachers track class lists of information, and automate other tasks elementary teachers complete every year, all in one place. With your students loaded into CMT, you can create a list for anything you track, such as bus numbers, bus stops, comments, notes, grades, homework, which students turned in permission slips, or whatever you want to track. You can also generate name cards, table name plates, cubby name tags, pocket chart names, name tags for field trips, and personalized​ name-tracing pages.

You must be logged into your ESGI account in order to see the CMT button on the top right.


 When you click on the CMT button, you will see a feedback link at the top.

We really value your feedback regarding CMT!  Please use this direct feedback link for any comments.

 Here is an intro video that showcases the current features of the program.

 We hope that you find the Class Management Tool to be a valuable time saving device for your classroom!

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