Friday, March 14, 2014

HeidiSongs, Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten & Smart Kids Partner with ESGI!

ESGI is proud to announce NEW custom tests (HeidiSongs skills, CCSS, and GKIDS) from the authors of HeidiSongs, Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten  and  Smart Kids.  

All of the custom Kindergarten Assessments that you've been asking for are now available in digital format at no extra cost with your ESGI subscription!

Heidi Butkus created 46 phonics assessments directly tied to her world renowned HeidiSongs instructional resources.

22 CCSS Kindergarten tests by DeeDee Wills provide an easy and efficient way to track and report student progress, create small groups and develop effective intervention strategies using real-time item analyses.

Jayne Gammons made a test for every Georgia Common Core Performance Standard for Kindergarten! The GKIDS tests are all included in this amazing library of assessments.

If you are new to ESGI,  click on a blogger to get started!

Heidi, DeeDee or Jayne will take you to the ESGI 60-day FREE TRIAL and save you up to $40.00 off of your first year subscription price!

If you are a current subscriber, please visit this Customer Support Page to learn how to quickly integrate these new assessments in to your instructional portfolio.

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